Thursday, September 18, 2008

A work in progress

After having suffered the stomach flu for too long I was finally able to make it to the local McDepot for more blocks to work on the wall. It was soooo stinking satisfying to get some gardening done today! That's all I've wanted to do for the past two weeks - it's been killin' me I haven't been able to.

This afternoon I worked on dismantling our old compost pile. (It's right in the path of the new wall.) What a PITA. Luckily I inherited Grandpa Jack's old pitch fork to help with this unpleasant chore. Can I just say that it's the *coolest* tool ever?! With ease I moved all the larger non-degraded material off the top of the pile (sticks, small branches, matted grass clippings, etc) to another pile and then just spread the yummy compost at the bottom of the pile around the area to flatten it out a bit. Once that was done I could work on the wall. I continued to stack brick until I ran out of foundation sand. Grrr! I so wanted to use up all the bricks I had. Ah well. I hope I'll get to go back tomorrow and get more sand and more wall brick. I'm really excited for all of this to come together! I need to do some homework but I think planting blueberries in this new bed would be a brilliant idea! (NO idea if they'll grow there or not - like I said, homework) But I'm just envisioning an apple tree near by with blueberries and a large kitchen garden... ah. I love a yard you can graze in. lol... ;^) Food me!

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