Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Wall

So one of my current projects is to get a small retaining wall up in the back yard. The dirt was just mounded up around the base of the evergreen. It was like this when we got here. It looks really odd. I'd like to make it look intentional. That's the problem with our back yard. There was no thought really to where anything was planted or placed. If I had the money I'd rip it down to the dirt and start over completely. Ah well. Someday when I win the lottery. ;^)

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This is the tree "before". Sadly it's really hard to tell that it's on a slope.

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Here we are in progress. While it's still difficult to see the slope the dirt behind the wall actually goes up to the bottom of the third brick.

Anyway I've been a bit frustrated this week because I really want to keep working on it! But so many other things have gotten in the way. I wish I could get back to it. The weather's been lovely and I want to take advantage of the sunny dry days before the rain comes back. I was going to do a half circle just around the base of the tree but I had an epiphany the other day standing there looking at it wishing I had more bricks. What if I run it straight back to the fence? Then it would give the corner some purpose. As it is right now it's just a nowhere man's land. At least with a bed it feels more "included" in the rest of the yard. I'm also planning on pulling out the bush to the left (who's name is currently eluding me) and replacing it with an apple tree.

I grew up above apple orchards and for all the PITA that pruning them is, it's worth it in the fall to just walk out the back door and snap a warm apple off the tree. I'm looking forward to getting to do that someday. Now in the meantime I need to go remove that pile of detritus* that's in my future walls way. (I've been waiting for them to collect the yard debris so I have empty cans again. I've filled four large bins so far with weeds! How did I ever let it get to this sad sorry state?)

*Actually the remains of the compost bin and heap that needs to move to a new spot anyway. For now I'm just letting our recycler have it.

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