Friday, October 22, 2010

Where does the time go?

I really need to get my garlic planted pronto! Don't know it's going to happen till after the first of November. What was the latest you ever planted garlic and had it do okay? I might have to wait till spring now...

Also, I didn't plant any morning glories this year but happily one day I looked out my window and LO! I had a lovely little bloom. Looks like it reseeded itself. Everything was so late this year I was surprised to see it. I planted a grape vine there and didn't notice it growing up and around the grape. (Yeah, that's how MIA I've been this year). Even the daliah's that normally bloom in late August have waited till October to bloom. It's been a nutty gardening year.

My little brown eyed susan vines that went NUTS last year were barely 12" this year... planted at the same time, same soil, with the same general conditions other then the weather.

Of course nothing slows down crook neck squash! This beauty was about a foot long before I even noticed it. Wha? When did that happen?!

And what post from me would be complete without me complaining about some garden pest or other? ;^) I had another bad year of black bean aphids. They started at the artichokes and have steadily moved on to other plants now. Just as the corn finished ripening this summer all the stocks were attacked by aphids. I really don't know what to do about them. I might forego the artichokes next year just to see if that'll keep them out of the garden (they always congregate there first). Spraying them with soapy water has had little effect and while I have noticed a lot of ladybugs and ladybug larva loitering about, they aren't quite able to keep up with the aphid Vegas style buffet.


Randy Emmitt said...


I just bought my garlic and will plant it today. Last year we planted it late and it did just fine. This garlic was $4.75 a lb at the tiny garden center by Meg's school. Squash, never harvested a single one watched it bloom like crazy but no squash.

Patricia said...

I live in zone 8b and have planted it quite late. Remember the adage was "plant on the shortest day of the year, harvest on the longest". I have never been that late, but have planted near Thanksgiving.

Diana (Di) said...

Hi Jenn,

Just planted a bit of garlic, some onions, and my spinach, well, something decided to help itself to it; 1/2 nipped in the bud.

We have had a most unusual summer with grasshoppers (never before) eating the beans as soon as they start and black aphids for the very first time. We don't know what's going one, but hopefully next gardening season will be better.

Shawn Ann said...

I haven't planted mine yet, when/why would it be too late?
Those aphids look terrible! Hope you get rid of them!