Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm not dead!

I swear! I've been taking pictures but this month has been the craziest of them all.... we've had house guests since early Aug. and it shall continue until the very end. Hopefully in September when it quiets down again and school starts and I have time to myself for a few days each week I'll be able to update ya'll. I haven't forgotten about you!

We've had some beautiful produce come out of the garden this summer. Here are two different bush beans (Dragon's Tongue and some that Granny sent me...Burgundies?) Plus our classic Kentucky Pole Green Beans. All wonderful and slightly varied. We steamed them up and with a bit of butter and salt they hardly needed they were delish!



Shawn Ann said...

I like those multi colored beans, what kind were they? Do they change color when cooked like the royal burgundy?

Just Jenn said...

The multi's are the Dragon's Tongue. They turn a light yellow when cooked... all the purple color disappears... and have a nice light taste.

Annie's Granny said...

Well, thank heavens you're still among the living. Hurry and kick out those house guests and get back here to us!

Those are Royal Burgundy beans. Mine didn't do much this year, but I planted them next door, and she got a ton from hers. I think mine were in too much shade. I had them next to my Dragon Tongues, and they didn't do much either. All my other varieties were a bit overwhelming though, so I still had more than enough.

Stefaneener said...

Hi! Keep keeping your head above water.