Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quick Update

Heeellloooo! Long time no talky.
Well we FINALLY got some lovely weather and I'll admit I haven't been indoors on the computer much. Oh it's lovely and warm and sunny and lovely and well just plain wonderful and I hope you'll forgive me for my absenteeism. I've got some stuff I want to talk about but I'm short on time this morning so I'll leave you with some pictures and the thought that I haven't forgotten about ya'll.



Randy Emmitt said...

Glad to see you back and gardening.

We just today pulled up our peas. Been in the mid 90s here for weeks, getting old if you ask me.

Liisa said...

Good to see you back. Very nice photos. Can't wait to hear how things are growing in your garden.

Annie's Granny said...

LOL, short on talk, but the photos were gorgeous. I snagged your fork for the next "We Love Our Forks" collage.

We've gone from "too cold" to "too hot" overnight.

thyme2garden said...

Those are some really beautiful flowers you got there! And the snap peas look like they are almost ready? I'm so sad that my snap peas have mostly failed this year due to newbie mistake of planting too late (scorched in the sun) and lack of protection from aggressive wild bunnies. Sigh... maybe my peas could look as good as yours next year.

Robin said...

So happy to see that your weather has finally cleared up...enjoy the sunshine :)

icebear said...

Great pictures, glad to hear you didn't float away. :o)

Just Jenn said...

@ Randy: Sorry to hear it's been so hot for you! That's not fun. We're finally getting some 70 and 80 degree days. I just want to be out side all the time now!

@ Liisa: Well I can say the spring veg is doing wonderful, the summer veg is struggling and the weeds are too damn happy. lol

@ Granny: OH goodie! I was thinking about the fork collage when I took that picture. =) I figured it was too late but it was an appealing image so, yeah.

@ T2G: Thanks! Yeah, we've been munchin on the shelling peas for about two weeks now, they're my favorite spring garden snack. Oh wild bunnies? Hope you can figure out how to protect them better next year, they're worth the effort.

@ Robin: I shall!

@ Icebear: I'm glad we didn't float away either! It was touch and go there for a while. ;^)