Saturday, January 9, 2010

Garden Planning

I can't believe it's time to start planting my seedlings for early spring crops in about two weeks. Seems like I just wrapped up the garden! Better order the few seeds I'm missing this week. Also I miss fresh veggies. I'm surprised how much of a difference I've noticed in taste between what I pick and eat out of the garden and what I buy at the store. It's a lot more noticeable in some veggies then in other, peaches, peas and broccoli have a much better taste, (it's a huge difference to me) coming out of the garden where as something like carrots or bell pepper taste nearly the same as what I can get in the store. I still haven't finished planning out what's going where yet. I better get on that. Mother nature sure isn't going to wait around for little ol me!

What fruits and veggies do you find have an improved taste coming straight from the garden rather then what you can buy in the store.

BTW Hope everyone had lovely holidays and a Happy New Year!


Engineeredgarden said...

Jenn - yep, it's almost time again! Oh, there's all kinds of things wintersown in my coldframes. I'm just waiting for them to do their thing!

Ribbit said...

Broccoli and lettuce. No comparison.

What I notice is that we're not eating as well. I miss stuffing my face with fresh veggies.

Randy Emmitt said...

Seems last year we were the first to get seeds! Not even got to it yet, only have Sugar Snap Peas so far. Might be the huge cold spell we have been going through. BTW I think fresh carrots from the garden are better than store bought.

Di said...

Hi Jenn, there is nothing like the vegetables from our gardens... I cannot compare those fresh and wonderful flavors to that which is found in stores.

We have nearly all our seeds and are ready, but like you it seems we just finished gardening. We had our last ripe tomato the first week of December... and we're gettin' ready again. ;)

Stefaneener said...

Nice to see you again! I remember how amazing fresh broccoli tasted. Some folks use that as a guide to what they grow -- leave the carrots to the experts, and grow the tasty/fresh stuff yourself. Have fun planning.