Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall clean up

Ah, it's been too long (again). I really cannot believe how busy, busy, busy life is. I was also down for the count last week with the flu so now I'm just playing catch up. Annie's Granny did have *excellent* timing as I received some bean seeds from her in the mail while I was sick. That so cheered me up. (Thanks dear!)

Today I finally planted the peach tree*! I also managed to pull all the tomato plants, the last of the corn stalks, a few straggler onions, the pepper plants. My poor compost bin is bursting full. I still have my pole vines that need to go into the heap. When I'll get to that I'm not sure. I also cut back some of the daliahs and other bulb flowers. I lost one of my artichoke plants this year. Looks like I'll have to sprout another one next year. Speaking of, the garlic has sprouted and is about 3" tall now. Hope I don't get hit with fungal issues like I did last spring.

The highland blueberry bushes are starting to turn colors - a beautiful deep red. The geese were flying in V formation overhead in a cheerful honking parade. The sun was low but warm on my face. It was nice to be outside all day today. It's shameful I didn't take any pictures.

*This required me to move a cubic yard of dirt by hand. Good times.


Engineeredgarden said...

I'm glad that you're over the flu! I is very busy, especially with little ones to take care of. When I planted all of my fruit trees, I already had a small backhoe rented for the day - so, I used it to dig my holes, too! Talk about some easy work! The composting frenzy is just around the corner....yay!

Stefaneener said...

So much work! I hope you didn't overdo it.

Isn't cleaning the garden good for the soul?

Annie's Granny said...

It's so good to see you back here blogging. So glad you are feeling well enough to get out to the garden now. Just don't overdo it and relapse (like I did).

Just Jenn said...

EG, I could've used a backhoe yesterday! Or maybe someone else's back. ;^) Ah well, the green gym will serve me well in the end. I do *love* the composting.

STEF, I was tired and crashed so early last night! The good news is I was coughing less so maybe I worked some of the bugs out of my lungs. All things gardening are good for the soul. =)

GRANNY, I hope I didn't over do it. I'm feeling a wee bit better day by day. It's hard not to fall in line when life continues to march on.